Mineralogy of Franklin and Ogdensburg,

Sussex County, New Jersey, USA

A Photographic Celebration



Mineral Naturalists, worldwide, agree that Franklin and Ogdensburg, New Jersey have some of the most significant mines in the world. The Franklin District, as it is known, consists of deep mines that for over a century contributed to the growth of American industry and had a major impact on the economies of New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania. Perhaps no other deposit in the world has as large a scientific literature concerning the technology, mining developments, history, and mineralogical discoveries. Interestingly, Franklin, itself, was named in honor of Benjamin Franklin, America's first world class scientist as well as being a Founding Father of the US.


Despite the enormous amount of words dedicated to the Franklin District, there are relatively very few photographic images available of the minerals found and there are several species for which no photographic images are known. In 1957, the Franklin Mineral Museum was founded in order to house a significant mineral collection of the Franklin Area. The Museum was incorporated in 1964. In the succeeding half century, the museum has grown immensely and may rank as the world's finest museum dedicated to the minerals a single region. Also in this time, there have been numerous individuals who have had a vision that a book should be availablRhodonitee of the great minerals of the Franklin Mines. Many of these visionaries barely started the enormous project of photographing the wealth of minerals that have been found. A few people found that their lifetimes were too short to complete their dream. The Franklin Mineral Museum has redoubled its commitment to publishing a comprehensive book illustrating the minerals of the Franklin District. To this end, the Franklin Mineral Museum has established a fund for this book project and has chosen two long-term Franklin mineral specialists, Vandall King and Peter Chin, to co-ordinate the project and to assure that the dream of a half-century reaches fruition. The publication of Mineralogy of Franklin and Ogdensburg, New Jersey, USA – a Photographic Celebration will be the largest book project the Franklin Mineral Museum has established to date. As such, it has started a fund-raising effort to see that the book project can be a success. The goal is to raise $100,000. The Franklin Mineral Museum has a dedicated fund already started and several supporters have already pledged money for the project. The Franklin Mineral Museum is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and is qualified to receive tax-deductible donations and is eligible to apply for grant funds. The museum intends to follow a variety of strategies in order to reach its goal. There are already several chapters sponsored concerning some of the great private Franklin-Ogdensburg mineral collections of our time. Individual donations of $250.00 or more will receive a copy of the finished book. Advertising supporters are encouraged to inquire about rates. People and organizations who wish to sponsor individual pages are invited to participate. Full-credit with individual sponsors' names will appear with the image as well as in the acknowledgments section.



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Rhodonite Crystals


Here is a short, low resolution, example of the A-Z layout. The photos will be improved as the project progresses, but the pattern will be similar. There should be over 1000 illustrations in the final book.


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Be sure to come visit the Franklin Mineral Museum in Franklin! The museum features a modern exhibit area of both Franklin and worldwide minerals. We have an outstanding exhibit of fluorescent minerals, historical exhibits, as well as an open-air nature area where you may walk as well as collect your own minerals if you wish. We look forward to seeing you! Please visit the Franklin Mineral Museum website:



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